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Just wanted to direct some traffic to my new blog. I’m not sure entirely how blogging works, but I get the feeling I’m meant to self promote – something that never seems to work. Anyway, my new blog is more poetry-centred, but more than that, it’s a place for ideas. I currently have a piece […]

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Just to drop a little note in here about the clothing business for which I flitter stuff around like a big mechanical bat. Rewind-Couture have been going for about 5 months now, selling a range of vintage, gothic, Victorian, Steampunk and Rockabilly clothing online via a top notch ebay shop. You can visit the shop […]


Matthew is a 25 year old charity worker and poet from Cardiff, Wales. His main influences include: video games of the early 90s, Medieval aesthetics, the baroque era, harpsichords, ghost trains and ghost towns, carnivals, deserted beach resorts, spring, absurdism, Hammer Horror, the films of David Lynch, Japanese culture, clowns, harlequins, Harley Quinn, childhood, nostalgia, etc. Matthew has been published in the following places:

a handful of stones
Den Of Geek
God Is In The TV
Leeds Film Daily
Living Corpse
One Night Stanzas
Poetry Wales (January 2009 issue)
View City Guides
The Delinquent
The Retro
The Shiznit
Thirteen Myna Birds
Word Riot

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