Music Muses

The artist Kandinsky was fascinated by music’s emotional power. Music expresses itself through time and sound, which means the listener is granted a freedom of imagination and interpretation that is not based on the literal. It comes from a much more abstract place. Music, he believed, can respond and appeal directly to our “internal element” and express spiritual values.

For myself, music is a very inspirational source. Whenever I play a record, I start to experience these little images and sometimes fragments of sentences filtering through, as if the music has uncorked a bottle in my brain. A lot of my poems have been born simply by spending an hour or so going through my CD collection. With this in mind, I thought I’d list here some of the songs that are really fuelling my imagination at the moment. They all work together to form a cohesive whole and provide a very specific atmosphere I find appealing – one that is quite dark and gritty, but at the same time dreamy and beautiful. Feel free to leave a comment about the music that inspires you.  


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