Things I Love Thursday #1

The residents of Psychoville

The residents of Psychoville

Things I love Thursday is a bit of a blogging trend, and as much as I dislike trends, it seems a good way to provide you all with some additional content, other than poetry. Variety is important and integral to this site, so without further ado, here is a little list of the things that’ve been making me happy today.

Thursday Evening TV

I’m not the most avid follower of television programmes, mostly because true creativity has been lacking on our screens for so long. With that in mind, it’s great to see the team behind the League Of Gentlemen back with their latest offering, Psychoville. It’s been running for about five episodes now, and is a fantastically dark creation complete with sinister clowns, spooky dolls, ebay wars and Snow White.

Another welcome return is That Mitchell and Webb Look. This show tends to get quite poor reviews in some smaller-minded newspapers, and it can be hit and miss, but I believe certain sketches are genuinely clever. Last week’s confusion on the part of a wealthy gentleman in regards to his relationship with his butler (“Yes, you’re my butler”) was brilliant.

The Rain

This isn’t an attempt at being contrary just for the sake of it – I genuinely love the rain. Clearly somebody up there likes me, because instead of the dry, energy-sapping sun, it’s been chucking it down for some weeks now here in my Welsh neck of the woods, and I’m relishing every minute of it. There’s just something so atmospheric about rain that calls to my mind snapshots from early 90s films, that invigorating feeling you get at the start of autumn, trashy novels, Madonna’s Bad Girl video (and of course this one), Tokyo cityscapes, and so on … I love walking in it, the sound of it, and most of all, reading indoors with the window open on a wet, grey day. Bliss.

Sylvia Plath

I remember reading The Bell Jar when I was a teenager, and subsequently being quite afraid that I’d suddenly lose my mind. So it took me quite a while before I got around to finally reading Plath’s poetry. I bought Ariel last week, second-hand, and it has lots of notes and annotations in it by the previous owner, which some might find lovely, but when it comes to books they have to be fresh, white and virgin. So, although I’m not pleased about the state of the book, I still love the poetry inside. Surprisingly it isn’t depressing at all, but full of boiling vitriol, intelligence, wit, and an open-mind. I would have linked to some of her poems, but they all seem to be covered by copyright law!

Re-watching The X Files

I actually started buying the boxsets of this brilliant series some time ago, but while I’m saving my pennies for Season 6, I’ve been re-watching Season 3, which is probably my favourite so far. Episodes such as Quagmire, 2Shy and Wetwired  are warm, witty and intelligent TV. My favourite has to be Syzygy, though – the story of two outcast high school girls who exact brutal revenge on their classmates with black magic. Oh, and I love Scully!

The Silent Hill 2 Soundtrack

In terms of creative writing and poetry, my style is taking a turn for the considerably darker recently. As I’ve stated before, music inspires me greatly, and I’ve always loved the Silent Hill games, not least of all for their dreamy, atmospheric soundtracks. This week I’ve spent a lot of time out on the back step, sheltered but listening to the rain with the music from Silent Hill playing faintly in the background while reading. I really think it adds something to the process of writing, something filters through and influences the words on the page for sure.

And what are the things that’ve been making you happy today? Leave a comment to let me know!


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