Things I Love Thursday #2

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Again, it’s time for a round-up of the little things that have been bringing me joy today/ this week!

New Poetry. Today I bought a really nice hardback copy of The Brand New Dark by Mark Waldron. I read a poem from the collection online earlier in the week and loved it, so was very happy when the padded envelope popped through the letterbox today! I’m not sure what I think to it yet – some of the poems are really striking, and others seem too self-involved to the point of not really engaging my interest, so repeated readings will be needed.

New laptop. After years of absolute hell using a laptop so slow it would take about six times to perform any function of a normal computer, I finally have a spanking new Sony VAIO. I called to set up broadband today, so am very excited waiting for my wireless router to arrive. When technology doesn’t work, I could smash it to pieces with an axe; but when it does, I could kiss and hug it.

Making fires. Not in a disturbed teenager sort of way. A lot of junk has been cleared out of the house recently, and as a quick solution we decided to have a bonfire to get rid of all the wood. But while the photo above might look pretty, it actually took six attempts to get that fire going, and even then, the wind put it out. I’d be a pretty rubbish caveman.

Feedback. I’ve been getting some brilliant comments on my poems from the good people at Writer’s Dock. It’s been such a valuable place for me in terms of hearing what others have to say about my work. I write because I enjoy it, but it would mean little to me unless people enjoyed and wanted to read what I wrote.

And how about you?


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