Things I Love Thursday #3 (Friday)

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Where to begin? Apologies for the delay –

I’m very excited about seeing Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist tomorrow, but also quite terrified. A cinema is a bit like a prison – yeah you can leave, but all social decorum means you really can’t. If you don’t like a film or want to vomit, you can’t just leave your mate sat there alone can you? And getting up and shimmying past peoples’ long legs in the dark is quite a daunting prospect. Politeness will be the chain keeping me glued to that chair, and probably my own perversity too.

David Cameron on Twitter: “Too many twits make a twat” – brilliant! -but why is it politicians talk like pre-programmed cyborgs constantly, then when they actually say something funny/ human, they have to immediately apologise for it? Ridiculous!

Speaking of which, I loved this article concerning social networking (the comment at the bottom is mine).

I badly, badly need some suggestions for new poets to read. At the moment I’m ogling some ee cummings books, but I need more. Suggestions?

Yes, the photograph above is of a vintage typewriter owned by my good self. It’s a Bluebird Ace – anybody know if that’s a good, special make, or have I just got a commoner of a typewriter sharing my living space?

This interview with David Lynch is great.

I think I might’ve pissed people off inadvertently at Writers Dock. Actually, I do seem to piss people off constantly whenever I say anything that doesn’t go with the grain. A lot of war poems are being written at the moment, speaking of heroism and honour, and that’s fine, I can see that side to it, but it’s always in my mature to question the things other people might be ignoring, so my war poem was more along the lines of “but what of the mentality of people willing to pick up a gun, willing to murder? There must be some sort of aggressive nature there, something quite dark and violent, underneath the valour. To my mind, at least.

Season 6 of The X Files landed through my post box today, I’m rather happy. I get the feeling there’s going to be a Mulder and Scully “kiss moment,” soon, though. If that happens I might lose just a bit of my respect for the writers. Scully should get together with Skinner. Or, better yet, Mulder should.

Lastly, but not leastly, many thanks to Claire for giving me some publicity over at One Night Stanzas. It’s never fun being a lone voice in the dark, so having some exposure is exciting.

Oh! And Psychoville finished last night 😦 I was a bit let down by the ending. But on the other hand, I thought it was going to be a one-off, self-contained series, so that cliffhanger ending was er … different? What did you think?


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