Publishing News

Dear all, I’m aware that I am, like most, a self-serving egotist, and as such bring you news of my recent publishing acceptences by various kind, great editors.

a handful of stones will be featuring three very short pieces from me over the coming months. Check here for news of when.

Read This magazine are going through a bit of a change at the moment and will be re-materialising in the new year with bigger, better, more glossy issues, as is my understanding. I’m very pleased to have had three poems selected to appear in the first issue of 2010. Again, I will update with news closer to the time.

Fuselit have just accepted a piece of mine; it’s a kind of prose poem-cum-short story, but as poetry is my business, we’ll say prose poem for short. I love this little magazine, I think it ties in with the punky underground I see my future poems belonging to. The issue theme is JACK, and my poem to feature therein is called Halloween Jack – I will keep you updated of when it’s out!


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