What’s on my TV?

As a rule, I’ve never been one for watching telly. Or films. It’s odd, but I’ve always found it such a hassle to just sit still. As it happens, I don’t watch much actual TV now – the following is a list of things I’ve purchased on DVD in order to re-live the glory of my youth, as I seem to be doing a lot these days. For whatever reason, these shows sprang into my head, and I’ve been compulsivley addicted to them for the past couple of months. Here’s why I love them:

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Sabrina is just one of those shows you can curl up to and feel warm and fuzzy over because everything is lighthearted and safe, and you know whatever problems there are will be neatly wrapped up by the end of the episode. A lot of the episodes are genuinely laugh-out-loud funny, and there are some great characters like Salem the cat with dreams of world domination, and Sabrina’s aunts, Zelda and Hilda. The show reaches its peak rather early though, at season 3, and while season 4 is pretty solid, the show takes quite a downturn in quality when Sabrina leaves for college.

Are You Afraid of the Dark?

This show used to scare me quite a lot as a child. To be honest, a lot of it is even quite frightening now, especially the episode featuring a clown’s vengeful ghost, the tale of a boy under the spell of an evil wood nymph, and the story that sees Nosferatu stepping out of the cinema screen into reality. It has its fair share of fairly disturbing, Lovecraft-esque tales, too, including an episode with some reality-distorting spectacles, and the top floor of an apartment that becomes home to a gaggle of blank-faced aliens. Another reason why I adore the 90s.

Batman the animated series

With its art nouveau style Gotham city populated with demented characters, the animated series of Batman is really top class children’s viewing. It works for adults too. Highlights include Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy breaking out on a Thelma and Louisde-style joyride, and a warped funeral held by the Joker that sees a coffin tipped into a vat of acid while Harley plays a mournful death waltz on the kazoo.

Dungeons & Dragons

Everybody remembers this, surely? Friday afternoons after school, a sausage bap, cup of tea, Dungeons and Dragons. That was the routine. I’m not sure if this was late 80s or 90s; either way, it’s become compelling viewing for me. Do the children ever get back home? If they’re trapped in a fantasy world forever, what do they do? Get jobs? Start families? Or spend forever looking for a way out? There’s potential for a poem there somewhere.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

I’ve only just started with Buffy. Watched the trashy day-glo-soaked film a while back, and then remembered all those 6pm showings of Buffy on a Wednesday I’d only ever half-watched. As with X-Files, this is a show you need to be following properly. The first series is corny and silly, but I think that’s why I’ve ended up enjoying it so much. I’m still not entirely converted yet, but time will tell …

What’s on your TV right now? Are there any brilliant shows I should be getting into, preferably from the 90s? Let me know …


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