It’s been all quiet on the western front for a bit, writing wise. I am writing, honest.

But I have a new job, which has finally put my graphic design degree and years of art school to use. I work for Rewind-Couture, up-and-coming vintage clothing specialists embroiled in a cornucopia of 20s and 50s polka dot and Rockabilly dresses, prom dresses, gothic and emo dresses, and all sorts of steampunk jackets and riot grrl skirts and tutus and petticoats and everything in between. We distribute everything via our ebay shop at seriously affordable prices. Our service is first class, our clothes are top quality, and our dedication to the world of vintage couture is second to none.

The photographs and various art work flourishes have all been designed by yours truly, so everything you see at our About Me page, and the main layout of each individual listing. Likewise, I’ve designed the Rewind-Couture blog, where we post updates of new items in stock and any other tidbits we feel worth mentioning. I’ve recently designed flyers, business cards, and also a special tote bag to be included with more expensive orders – which is quite exciting, considering these bags with my design on will be shipped worldwide!

So, if you’re curious, why not pop over to our ebay shop for a look around, and check out the blog and add it to your favourites to keep up to date with all our activities. We’re expanding our range all the time, so be sure to visit the site regularly and be the first to snap up those amazing bargains!


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